TRIBUNNEWS.COMstandings League 1 after the fight Persian vs PSM Makassar in week 20 at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (25/1/2023) afternoon.

Persija succeeded in coupling PSM Makassar’s position at the top of the standings League 1 after a flashy 4-2 victory.

Goal Yusuf Halal (21′, 82′) and a new brace Persian from Persiba Balikpapan, Aji Kusuma in the 36th and 54th minute.

PSM Makassar’s reply goal was scored by Everton after taking advantage of Ramadhan Sananta and Rasyid Bakri’s bait (90 + 2).

Thomas Doll’s team rose to the top of the standings League 1 with a collection of 38 points, the same as PSM Makassar.

However, the Kemayoran Tigers team won head to head over the team nicknamed Juku Eja.

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Here’s the standings League 1 after the fight Persian vs PSM:

Course of the Match

The open play of the two teams made the match interesting from the moment the kick-off whistle sounded.

This afternoon’s classic Indonesian football derby presents buying and selling attacks to score goals.

The home team, supported by thousands of Jakmania, successfully opened the lead in the 21st minute.

Riko Simanjuntak became the creator of the goal Persian through its movement on the flanks.

He pushed into the penalty box and then gave a pull bait which was then flicked Yusuf Halal with his left foot.

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