TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The trial of the Kanjuruhan tragedy case is rolling again at the District Court (PN) Surabayaon Thursday (26/1/2023).

At that trial the panel of judges rejected the lawsuit Class Actions submitted by Atoilah.

It is known that Atoilah is a resident of Lumbangsari Village, Bululawang District, Malang Regency who was a victim Trial Tragedy.

Atoilah and her child were injured when the Kanjuruhan Tragedy occurred on October 1, 2022.

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The panel of judges led by Immanuel Amin read out the interlocutory decision in the Candra Courtroom.

Before giving a decision, the panel of judges read out the responses of the five defendants and one co-defendant.

In their decision, the panel of judges stated that the lawsuit filed by Atoilah was invalid.

With various considerations, the panel of judges decided not to accept the lawsuit.

Immanuel Amin said the lawsuit class action has signs according to the regulations of the Supreme Court (MA).

“There are requirements that must be met first in order to be accepted as a class action suit,” said Immanuel as quoted from Solar Malang.

The incompleteness of these requirements makes the case unable to be examined.

“We have finished carrying out our duties to try this case,” explained Immanuel.

Meanwhile, Atoilah’s attorney, Wasis Siswoyo, said he would file another lawsuit.

“We are not giving up. We will fulfill all the requirements,” Wasis said.

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