TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTAKaesang Pangarep youngest son President Joko Widodo called ready to go forward as a candidate District head.

Although he has not revealed directly to the public about his desire to enter the world politicaldiverse reactions highlight steps Kaesang Pangarep.

The new Kaesang immediately told President Joko Widodo and his brother Gibran Rakabuming Raka during lunch at Ono Solo Coffee & Eatery, Keprabon Village, Banjarsari District, Solo City, Central Java, Monday (23/1/2023).

Responding to this intention, a line of parties political rolled out the red carpet for Kaesang to become a cadre.

Political Paramater Executive Director, Adi Prayitno explained, many normative arguments about Kaesang Pangarep.

“But the possible variable is because Mas Kaesang is the son of the president who is currently in power,” he said Adi Prayitno in an interview with Kompas TV, Thursday (26/1/2022).

According to him, many figures from young people to well-known entrepreneurs on social media have become involved political.

But not immediately welcomed by the party political.

Adi explained that the party where Kaesang belongs will definitely get a positive electoral vote.

“Yes, it’s clear that you will get electoral incentives. You can be sure that Kaesang will fight in the regional elections so that victory can be pocketed. Without wanting to put your will first, God can automatically get something like that,” he said.

“Because whatever the title, I think it’s an instrument political the strength of the party where Kaesang is anchored, the party machine will work optimally, as well as affiliated figures and groups who will support Kaesang to run for office,” he added.

Because of that, Adi assessed that if later Kaesang announced that he was ready to run as a candidate District headwill get a great welcome.

“If you are serious about moving forward, just slow down. All that remains is to appoint which party will facilitate Mas Kaesang. It has not yet been stated definitively when the declaration will be made, all parties will roll out the red carpet to be ready to accommodate and support it in total. Even the Democratic Party is ready to accommodate it,” he said.

Kaesang once said the salary of a small official

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