TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Public Prosecutor (JPU) will read it demands to 6 defendants of obstruction of justice or obstruction of case investigations Brigadier J’s murder.

Reading session demands The obstruction of justice case was held on Friday (27/1/2023) today at the South Jakarta District Court.

The six defendants will face a hearing demands prosecutor that is Hendra Kurniawan, Agus NurpatriaArif Rachman Arifin, Irfan Widyanto, Chuck Putrantoand Baiquni Wibowo.

Apart from the murder case, Freddy Sambo also became a defendant in the obstruction of justice case in the Brigadier J.

For the accused Freddy Sambo already sentenced demands first in hearing previously.

This is because the case files of the former Kadiv Propam Polri were combined in the premeditated murder case of Brigadier J.

Ferdy Sambo was demanded by the prosecutor to be sentenced to life in prison without any reasons to justify and forgive as well as mitigating sentences.

This week’s obstruction of justice trial schedule:

1. Tuesday (24/1/2023) at 10.00 WIB.

Trial of the accused Irfan Widyanto.

Agenda: Reading demands from the prosecutor.

Venue: Courtroom 02 South Jakarta District Court.

Panel of Judges: Afrizal Hadi (Chairman), Raden Ari Muliadi (Member), and Muhammad Ramdes (Member).

Court adjourned, reading demands Irfan Widyanto held Friday (27/1/2023)

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