Report from journalist, Fahdi Fahlevi

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – vice chairman Glorious Party Fahri Hamzah asked the Government of Indonesia not to have a “hands down” mentality when diplomacy with the Government Saudi Arabia.

According to Fahri, Indonesia must have an attitude of diplomacy Saudi Arabia.

“At that time I proposed to Indonesian diplomacy. Don’t diplomacy to Saudi Arabia with the mentality of the hands down. I proposed the mentality of the hands up,” said Fahri in Gelora Talks: Pros and Cons of the Plan to Increase Hajj Costs, Wednesday (1/2/2023).

He suggested that the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) invest the hajj funds to organize the hajj in Saudi Arabia.

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According to Fahri, investment in organizing the pilgrimage will benefit the Indonesian congregation.

“We have just talked about cash at BPKH which is intended for Hajj Organisation, and Hajj investment. More should be invested in the Holy Land and guaranteed greater returns,” said Fahri.

Currently, Fahri said Saudi Arabia has made Hajj and other tourism a priority source of state revenue.

Meanwhile, investment in the haj sector, according to Fahri, will continue to experience growth.

“Saudi Arabia is currently looking at Hajj and tourism in general as their source of income after oil,” said Fahri.

“Our involvement there will certainly provide greater value because our money can be managed in a world where investment continues to increase. The number of pilgrims never decreases every year,” Fahri added.

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