Tribunnews Reporter Report, Mario Christian Sumampow

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTAKomnas HAM said the government was not transparent and not responsive in the process of handling cases of Atypical Progressive Acute Kidney Failure (GGAPA) in children.

This was conveyed by the Chairman Komnas HAM Atnike Nova Sigiro in description Komnas HAMSaturday (11/3/2023).

“The government is not transparent and responsive in the process of handling the GGAPA case in Indonesia,” said Atnike.

“Especially in providing accurate and fast information to the public in order to increase awareness and minimize or prevent additional victims,” ​​he added.

Furthermore, Komnas HAM also highlights the health surveillance policies and actions or epidemiological investigations carried out by the government.

Atnike said that this action was not effective in finding the causative factors of the GGAPA case, so it could not minimize or prevent a spike in cases and more deaths.

Based on Komnas HAM’s monitoring and investigations, the GGAPA case in children included many human rights violations.

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Some of the violations are the right to life, the right to health, the rights of children, the right to justice, the right to welfare, namely the right to work and the right to social security, the right to information, consumer rights, and violations of business principles and human rights.

To note, GGAPA cases in children throughout 2022 to February 5 2023 recorded 362 cases spread across 27 provinces in Indonesia.

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